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    Sunday, June 20, 2010
    Title :
    Time : 10:02 PM

    I love the word 'oh well'.
    This week is pretty much the same except that I have love back by my side.
    It has been work work work and just work.
    Let me recall.
    I do not recall what I do anything this week. Expect for Sat and Sun.
    Only significant thing that happened was me being so unstable within my inner thoughts that causes me to have a small quarrel(not quarrel but me being angry at him for nth)
    Oh well, woman is woman still.
    okay I admit that im a person who think real lots of shit.
    I can think of any random stuff and induce those feelings into me and get affected by it.
    Yes I am capable of that. and once I lock it, yup, it will be hard to get out until my ass head is being knock and wake up to senses.
    I am having a headache now due to the lack of sleep.

    It sucks to be an adult but rocks to be one at the same time.
    Awwww. I should stop now.

    Saturday, June 12, 2010
    Title :
    Time : 11:31 PM

    My face feel so cooling. Kudos to the mask that I'm applying right now.
    Listening to Jay C. new songs. Not so fantastic.
    Love is coming back tomorrow!
    Time pass so fast.
    And I'm going to India.
    Honestly, no one expect me to go India.
    Neither myself too. =X
    Am really excited yet scared at the same time.
    I'm finally staying out of Singapore, seeing new things.
    But afraid of disease, sickness, dirty and weather.
    Well all checked. Wonderful.
    I think I'm a malaysian. I have been going in EVERY week.
    Oh well, what am I talking about?
    I'm half malaysian!
    Had a great time sitting in the car today honestly.
    Think it through. Maybe I should try travelling alone next time.
    To a country that I dunno and try walking and just see the scenery.
    You think I can do it?
    I doubt people think so.
    But that makes me want to try even more!

    Been thinking lots.

    Saturday, June 5, 2010
    Title :
    Time : 12:39 AM

    I am extremely exhausted right now.
    Think it is the burn out from my work.
    How to explain my job right now.
    Sucky, exciting, dry and challenging.
    one thing for sure is: time consuming.
    Oh wells. It is money that I'm after.
    See the difference between a children and an adult?
    Moolahs is the answer.

    This week past fast. Just one blink I'm at work. Another blink it's after work. Third blink is sleep. Fourth blink is back to my office chair again.

    Love is enjoying himself in Europe. A very tiny lil part of me was glad that he is there.
    At least he dun has to do his usual routine and I have no time for him during the weekdays too.
    At least for now because I wasn't exactly used to my new jobscope yet.

    This whole week has been a fruitful one?
    I saw Zhilin almost everyday because we work the same building.
    Met up with dear, benn, silas, ex-colleagues.
    And by chance I talked on phone with WS which was woots AGES!
    Saw Malvin Chan my ex teacher on the train today.

    Right now I feel so good in the comfort of my own.
    With just my eyes close for a second, I can feel my head spinning.
    Woots seem like im really tired.

    in anyway. Im so lazy to surf the net.
    Too much com.

    Sunday, May 30, 2010
    Title :
    Time : 12:48 AM

    The last time I stepped into here was December?
    And now it's May 2010.

    I have graduated.

    And I'm 20.

    I'm doing a different thing from what I thought I won't be doing.

    I lost quite a few friends.

    Yet I gained quite a few friends.

    Changed a new boyfriend.

    Took of my P-plate.

    Got over the past totally.

    In the 'lost-phase' of my life.

    So did this five months changed alot?

    Yes it did.

    Was out with Ben and Jeremy earlier on.
    Just like any outing that we always have but we digg out the past.
    I almost forgotten that I was a drum major once.
    The feeling of it is totally gone.
    I was in a three years r/s before? I didn;t even know how I survived through it.
    We talked about the past. How I rejected the guy that end up tgt with my friend.
    How I got tgt with my three yrs bf when he dated one of my used to be good friend.
    How I advise the girl not to accept him when in the end I pull through a three years r/s.
    How my clique was formed and who have entered and left.

    I used to think that I'm mature enough for my age and is a good person.
    hahaha the thought of it is funny.
    The hospital became a joke of my life. It is also he turning point of my life.
    It also determine where I stand right now in terms of study.
    I kept asking myself if I regretted it.
    I have happy moments and of course, sad moments.
    I believe that I truly love him before and was so deeply hurt by it.
    How I refused to let it go that causes everything to happen.
    But if I haven't go through it, I doubt I will be who I am today.
    I would still be ignorant, arrogant, not knowing how to treasure things around me.
    Thats a bad thing! It leads me to dislike pple who took pple for granted.
    So many things that i want to do right now.
    Im curious about my future.
    I have been thinking about the past.
    I think I live in the pst because I have been constantl thinking about it everyday.
    Bad bad bad.
    Whats the point of being reminded if the past?
    I will just missed out what I have now right?

    I am glad that I am who I am now.

    One day. I'm gonna be successful.
    I promise myself that.

    I am super sure that I am definitely stronger than a few years ago.

    Tuesday, December 15, 2009
    Title :
    Time : 11:36 PM

    I got too many things cramped inside my head.
    My stomach is not feeling good at all.
    So which is the reason that makes me can't sleep?
    Does I sound like D? I think so =)

    Its a tiring job/day for me.
    It leads me thinking that : Hey. you only devoted this one day out of 365days.
    Whereas he devoted how many thousands of days or you already?
    I wished that I could be of much help.
    But there's a limit that I can do.
    Can I penetrate through his brain?
    I would very much want to.
    No I cant give up.

    Now I need to relax. Fuck relax this word.
    Because of it.

    I wished that I could just sleep now.
    God it will be a better day.
    I will stand by there.
    Everything will be fine just like what my doo doo said to me.

    Saturday, November 21, 2009
    Title :
    Time : 1:07 AM

    I think my stomach got too much food!
    Thursday, November 19, 2009
    Title :
    Time : 11:27 PM

    I'm surprised that I can actually find time to blog over here.
    School is seriously mad.
    Just yesterday I had a 'ship-ship' test.
    Tomorrow I have to hand in Indiv. Report for 'ka-chingz! casino'.
    Then Monday I have a 30% test follow by a 'ka-chingz!' test on Wed...
    Oh. The list goes on..

    One good news is...
    I can sleep early tonight because I have finished my Gaming!

    One word: Tired.

    I felt distant away from some of my friends.
    It is not that I don't want to hang out with them.
    but it just that I felt left out and ya.

    I need sleep nw.

    Thursday, November 5, 2009
    Title :
    Time : 1:42 AM

    It's 1.42am now.
    I should be really sleeping because I have to be up at 730am?
    That's early ever since I stopped work.
    It has been rather eventful today.

    Had a dinner meet up with Suyin and I swear within a short span of 2 hours we have so much to share.
    F.I.S.H wasn't nice at all.
    The feeling we got was "Cheated".
    It was seriously a nice and heart warming one.

    After that, there's a hoo haa that happen late at night.
    Waiting time in the hospital was damn long.
    That's the reason why I hated hospital partially
    Anyway, if any of you chance upon this, please do not come and ask me alright.
    Unless I tell you myself. Anyway, don't have to worry so much.

    What I worry now is.
    should I go to Bali?

    It's been 6 years. I hope this time there will be a great improvement.
    We never gave up on you!
    Jia you!
    and always remember. We love you. =)
    Tuesday, November 3, 2009
    Title :
    Time : 11:03 PM

    It's only Tuesday, school is already draining me out.
    Man, I need some school love potion.
    Lecture is really a torture when you are feeling super sleepy.
    It's like a chant!

    Anyway, a short hangout session with my UBS colleagues was seriously a good one.
    At least it made me feel more relax and happy.
    It's just that I'm still adapting to school and thinking of my future this and that.

    I guess doo is digging his own grave yard now?
    Or already done by now?
    It's okay, the next time he will be digging grave will be when the both of us die. =p

    Tomorrow is another school day.
    But it's okay.
    That would means one more day down!

    This is just a super random post.
    Bye Love!

    Monday, November 2, 2009
    Title :
    Time : 11:08 PM

    Anyway. Random post after such a long time. I think that I should start blogging so that in case I lost my memory or when I'm old, I can look back on things that I had done before. Okay that's a whole load of crap thoughts.

    I tried cutting bangs about a month ago. And I think I failed terribly.
    The comments I got from people were: OMG. you look like a china girl now.
    Man. I think/swear I will never cut this again.
    Something nice: We both got the same kind of fringe for the first time!

    These were taken when bf turns 21 on the 17 Oct 09.
    Happy Birthday Doo!
    * Though it's rather late now =) *
    He is officially now serving the country.
    In short: Army boy
    Let's just hope that my patience for this boy can last that long!
    And, did you se my fringe? It is no longer that short!

    Now I have school tomorrow at 10am.
    That sucks.
    Bf is out for field camp for 6 days.
    then I will be out of town for 4 days.
    That would mean I have got 6 more days before we can talk on phone
    That sucks too!!!